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The night view of the city within sight of the viewing point is one of the focal points of the planning. According to the current situation of the city form and the night landscape in the sight of the viewing point, the form of the night landscape is reasonably determined, and the unique geographical characteristics and long cultural connotation of the city are highlighted through various lighting techniques. Choosing the appropriate viewing point can facilitate people to overlook the night view of the entire city, making the overall image of the lighting plan easier to be perceived and recognized by people. At the same time, its selection and construction have a direct impact on the determination of the color and brightness relationship between the urban night landscape nodes and various areas, and even the specific lighting methods. Therefore, in the planning of the night landscape tourism system, the selection of viewpoints is also a difficult and critical point. Viewing spots are generally divided into natural viewing spots and artificial viewing spots. Most of the natural viewpoints are mountain-viewing platforms with good accessibility in the urban built-up area. The artificial viewpoints are realized by setting up (or borrowing) sightseeing towers, high-level sightseeing platforms or sightseeing floors at suitable places around open cities such as squares and waterfronts.

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